About Dying With Dignity Tasmania

About Us

Dying with Dignity Tasmania (DWDTas) is the only Tasmanian group with a focus on all end of life issues – providing  relevant information, advocacy and links to current information about Voluntary Assisted Dying, advance care planning, and palliative care services.

Dying with Dignity Tasmania supports the right of everyone to a death which they regard as dignified. We support, promote and work for better advance care, end-of-life planning and palliative care. For people with terminal, advanced, incurable conditions, whose intolerable suffering cannot be adequately relieved with palliative care, we support their right to access a medically assisted death.

Wondering how you can get involved with Dying With Dignity Tasmania?

There are numerous ways to help, including becoming a member, joining the committee or donating to DWD Tasmania.

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